October 2012
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We invite you to visit our newly designed website. We’re proud to feature a new section entitled Social Impact, which includes a Social Dashboard where you can see a an up to date snapshot of the impact our products are having and the number of people we’ve enabled to upgrade to solar powered lighting. You'll be able to track our progress as we approach a huge milestone of 10 million lives impacted!

We are also featuring customer stories and benefits, along with updated news, new videos and photographs. Check it out and while you’re there, LIKE us on Facebook, if you haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Business in Myanmar Comes Full Circle

We are happy to announce that our products are now available in Myanmar, through our partner Proximity Designs. The development of d.light and Proximity’s relationship has come full circle. Company Co-Founders, Sam and Ned travelled to Myanmar in December 2006 to prototype their early lighting solutions. The reaction they got to their initial prototype lights inspired them to make d.light happen as a real commercial venture. Proximity is a growing social enterprise whose mission is to move rural families out of poverty.

We’ve been told that the families Ned and Sam had originally contacted continue to inquire about them and ask the field staff "When are those lights coming?" What a great feeling to be able to report that the lights are now available.

One of our new customers in Myanmar, depicted here, is Daw Tin Tin Mya, a midwife and nurse who can now safely deliver babies at night with her d.light S250.


Head Post Offices in India to Sell Solar Lanterns

d.light’s innovative approach to distribution partners has led to a first ever association with all head post offices in the city of Chennai, India. Beginning in the middle of August, a senior India Post official noted that the initial trial was “a huge success and now we are making it available in all the head post offices.”

Donn Tice, CEO and Chairman of d.light, visited India in July to see how the trial was progressing. India Post has been selling lanterns through identified rural post offices in the Chennai city region on a pilot basis.

Entrepreneurial Spirit in Ethiopia

Gemechu Abraham learned about d.light in a business management graduate course from San Diego State University. He wanted to make an impact on the lives of people in his parents' homeland of Ethiopia. By Dec. 2011, Abraham had delivered d.light solar lanterns to grateful children in the village of Simbo (pop. 400) in Southwest Ethiopia to replace their kerosene lights.

Gemechu Abraham presents a d.light S1 to a student in Simbo

Post-Election DC Glow-in-the-Dark 5K Run/Dance with Living Social

d.light is partnering with LivingSocial and Mercy Corps on Nov. 9th in Washington in the first ever Glow-in-the-Dark 5K Run and Dance. While stepping out in running shoes and glow band, this fun evening of exercise, music, and dance will provide d.light lanterns for schoolchildren in Somalia.

“The theme of the event is to light up the night in DC,” said Bram Levy, LivingSocial’s senior director of development. “We wanted to create the opportunity to light up their night, as well,” Levy says. If you have friends or family in the Washington DC area, let them know about the event.

A Taste of d.light

Paul Njuguna

Joel Barbengy’s family

As part of the team’s ongoing commitment to our customers, each manager has pledged to get out in the field to talk about the products with our end users. In each upcoming newsletter, we’ll feature a short report from the field to give you a taste of d.light’s customers. We’re introducing the first report from Paul Njuguna, d.light’s Brand Building Manager for East Africa. Paul is featured in the Shamba ShapeUp videos discussing the benefits of d.light products with customers.

Paul met with Joel Barbengy in Illula Village on the outskirts of Eldoret town in Kenya. Joel is a father in his 60s who is a retired teacher and currently a farmer and “elder of the village.” Joel’s family is excited about not having to buy kerosene any more. One of Joel’s son’s studies with the S10. He’s happy to no longer experience eyestrain from his old kerosene lantern and eager to see the improvement in his grades. His family uses the S250 in the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Featured Videos

Shamba ShapeUp Episode 10 (Kenya): Christina’s house is no longer filled with the smoke and soot from her old kerosene lamp. Her d.light S250 provides bright, safe light at night and she can also charge her cell phone.

An update from Kopernik on the progress in Oecusse, East Timor where 50% of the households have a d.light solar lantern!

Visit d.light's YouTube page for more videos!

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