Monthly Newsletter: December 2009

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D.light Design is an international consumer products company delivering quality energy solutions to families living without adequate electricity. Our mission is to enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity. We will begin by replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light. D.light is financed by prestigious venture capital firms including Nexus Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Garage Technology Ventures, Mahindra Group; with investment from leading social enterprise funds Acumen Fund and Gray Matters Capital.

D.light Approved by UNFCCC for Carbon Offset Project

As the world focuses on climate change this month, D.light is pleased to announce that we have received approval from the UNFCCC to implement an innovative Carbon Offset Project in two states in India. This is one of the first times that portable solar lanterns which replace kerosene lanterns in unelectrified homes are being officially recognized as an important solution for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The most pioneering aspect of D.light's project is a streamlined monitoring system we developed, which allows us to accurately track carbon offsets even across diverse distribution channels and geographic regions. This is yet one more example of how D.light is playing a leading role in the clean tech industry. You can read more about the project through our official media release.


D.light Fellow to be Featured in Full-Length Documentary

In the US, buzz has been building for a new full-length documentary called "The New Recruits," which will be released in January 2010. The documentary, directed by award-winning filmmakers Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller, and Jeremy Newberger, explores the opportunities and challenges of social entrepeneurship through the eyes of three Acumen Fellows. One of the featured Fellows is Heidi Krauel (on the right, pictured with former D.light fellow Christina Reichers), who worked in the D.light India office for 9 months in 2008-09. The film follows her adventures as she markets and distributes our products in rural India.

If you have the opportunity, we hope you'll watch and support this film. You can learn more about it on their website.


D.light's Website Has a New Look!

You may have noticed that we recently launched a newly designed website. The new website has more images and content, and utilizes our updated corporate branding. Even more exciting, it features three different versions of the website for the three major regions in which we work (Africa, India, and Global), with region-specific product and distribution information. If you haven't yet seen it, check it out.

Next in line to get a face-lift: This newsletter, so be on the lookout for some changes next month!

Field Report: D.light and Femina HIP Donate 300 Lights to Schools in Tanzania


D.light is one of the leading collaborators in a nationwide "Right to Safe Light" campaign in Tanzania. The goal of the campaign is to replace every single kerosene lantern or candle used for studying with a safe and bright solar lantern. D.light is working with media organization Femina HIP, as well as local NGOs and celebrities, to educate parents, teachers, and headmasters about the dangers of kerosene, as well as the safe and affordable alternatives that are available to them.

To jumpstart the campaign, D.light and Femina HIP donated 300 solar lanterns to off-grid schools throughout Tanzania. The lanterns were given away at a large meeting of headmasters from around the country. As more families and educators are exposed to the benefits of solar lighting, we expect demand for D.light products will grow in the coming months. To learn more, read our official media release.


Happy Holidays from D.light!

It's been an incredible year for D.light: We launched 2 new products (Nova Mobile and Kiran); our staff team grew to over 70 people; our distribution increased to nearly 30 countries; and we improved the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people in India, Africa, Southeast Asia, South America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Islands.

None of this would have been possible without your continued support for our company and for us as individuals. During this holiday season, we are very grateful for each of you and your passion for a brighter future.

We wish you and yours all the best in 2010!



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