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  July 2010
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d.light is an international consumer products company delivering quality energy solutions to millions of families living off-grid. Our mission is to enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity. We will begin by replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light.
New D.LIGHT S250 upgrading our top-selling Nova series

The Nova solar lamp has been, by far, the most successful product in d.light’s history. Its brightness and 4 light settings, combined with its exceptional sturdyness, have made Nova a unique product, which lit the lives of thousands of families living off-grid. Mobile charging added further versatility to the Nova, which has become a symbol of how solar energy could empower people’s lives, allowing them to stay connected with their community, and to extend their everyday activities.

Today, d.light is proud to announce the upcoming launch of the latest evolution
of its Nova lamps. The new D.LIGHT S250 is brighter and longer-lasting than Nova. Its high-performance Ni-Mh batteries provide twice the lifetime of the older SLA batteries, while assuring at the same time d.light’s full commitment to protect our environment through the use of greener batteries.

The D.LIGHT S250 maintans the mobile-charging feature highly appreciated by our customers, and has been specifically designed to provide our customers
with unrivalled easiness of use through lighter weight, a single input/output port, and an on/off button glowing in the dark for easy localization. These features will make D.LIGHT S250 the new high-end solution in d.light’s product range.
D.LIGHT S250, already on pre-order, will be officially available for shipment from September, and available to the end customer around November 2010.

d.light in Yushu, 4 months later

2010 has been a key year for d.light, which, in addition to its mission to eradicate dependency on kerosene for lighting, has been able to increase its committment to supply solar lamps to families hit by natural disasters or wars, and who cannot access electricity due to the distruction of any previous existing infrastructure.
To the right are some pictures of people using our lights in Yushu, the region in northwest China´s Qinghai province, which on 14 April was devasted by a terrible earthquake. Over the last months, d.light has supplied people in Yushu with 1,500 lamps (Kirans and Solatas), through local organizations and through donations from our China & Hong Kong offices, thus impacting the lives of more than 6,000 people.

d.lighted customer turns into Rural Entrepreneur (RE)

This is one of the many stories of how d.light’s innovative products can impact
people’s lives. Our customers become often the first advocates of d.light ’s solar
solutions. Whenever an enthusiastic customer combines his passion for our products with a business idea and an entreneurial attitude, d.light ’s products help him find his way to becoming a rural entrepreneur.

Sudesh Kulkarni is a 55-year old farmer with a physical disability, who first came to know about d.light from a ‘Kisan Mela’ (a local fair of rural products & solutions) in the Pune district, Maharashtra in 2008, where he bought a Nova solar light. Some time later, when our local distributor contacted him again to inform about the launch of our ‘Kiran’ lantern, Sudesh, deeply convinced of the potential impact of our products, came out with the idea of develpoing an original business model. He gets d.light’s products on a 7 day-credit from the local dealer, and leaves these products to potential customers for free for the following 7 days. When he goes to collect the product on the 8th day, most of the people ask to buy the lamp, which has become part of their life. Sudesh first used this original business model to sell d.light’s lamps to the daily wage laborers in the plant nurseries nearby, and is now applying this same business idea to reach more and more potential clients.

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