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  May 2011
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d.light’s mission is to enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity. The company aims to improve the lives of 100 million individuals, starting by replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light.
d.light Launches the d.light S1, an Ultra-Affordable Solar Study Light

We're excited to share about the launch of a brand new product: the d.light S1. Our latest solar light has a recommended retail price of under USD8, making it the most affordable quality solar lantern in the world. Because the d.light S1 can pay for itself in two months or less, even more families can afford to switch from kerosene to bright solar lighting.

The d.light S1 is designed as the ideal study light for young people with big dreams. Our customers often tell us that one of their top priorities is to provide a good education for their children. More and more independent research is showing the connection between bright, reliable light and educational success. We are excited to see how many lives will be changed by the d.light S1!

Read our official press release or, if you are in the US, you can order your own d.light S1 today through Amazon!

d.light S1
d.light Opens Africa Sales & Marketing Office in Nairobi, Kenya
Africa Team

This month, d.light opened a new Africa Sales and Marketing office in Nairobi, Kenya. Our previous office in Tanzania was only able to serve the local area; our new Nairobi office will be able to serve our partners and customers throughout the entire continent of Africa.

We've assembled a stellar team in Nairobi, many of whom you've already met through this newsletter. Between them, they have over six decades of experience doing sales and marketing to base-of-the-pyramid families in Africa and other emerging markets. If you have any questions related to d.light's work in Africa, you can contact the Africa team directly by phone or through our website.

Apply for the 2011 d.light Fellowship Program Today!

We are still accepting applications for the 2011 d.light Fellowship Program. We have five amazing opportunities available in Kenya, China, and the US. Whether you are a business or NGO professional, an engineer or a communications officer, we have something for you!

Each Fellow will be supervised and mentored by a member of d.light's senior team, and will get hands-on experience in the field and in one of the world's leading social enterprises. If you've been looking for a way to get involved with d.light, this is it!

Visit our website to download the application and the full job descriptions. All applications are due May 31, 2011.

World Bank Report: Solar Lighting Nearly Doubles Student Pass Rates in a Village in Sudan


In 2007, the World Bank brought solar lighting to Abu Hasheem, a village in North Sudan. Previously, the residents did not have any electricity, and relied on firewood for their energy needs.

When solar lighting was introduced to a local primary school, both teachers and students benefited from their extended days: Teachers could prepare lessons for the following day, and students could study and do their homework at night.

Within one year, the pass rates in the elementary school jumped from 57% to 97% ; the following year, all 100% of students completed their studies with passing grades. In fact, the entire village has benefited: Having solar light has boosted incomes and improved medical services.

To read more about this study, visit the World Bank's website.

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