Monthly Newsletter: October 2009

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D.light Design is an international consumer products company delivering quality energy solutions to families living without adequate electricity. Our mission is to enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity. We will begin by replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light. D.light is financed by prestigious venture capital firms including Nexus Venture Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Garage Technology Ventures, Mahindra Group; with investment from leading social enterprise funds Acumen Fund and Gray Matters Capital.

Introducing the Kiran, D.light's Newest Product!

We're thrilled to introduce our newest product, the Kiran S10, which is launching internationally on October 21. Retailing at a price of USD10, the Kiran is now the most affordable quality solar lantern in the world. We're dubbing it "the kerosene killer," because we believe it can effectively replace kerosene on a wide scale in India, East Africa, and other off-grid markets. Market tests and initial sales have demonstrated that our customers love the design, functionality, and price of the product.

The Kiran has two light settings, and provides up to 8 hours of light from a single day's solar charge. It also features an integrated solar panel and multiple-setting handle for extreme ease and flexibility of use. Many thanks to our incredibly creative and hardworking staff, who have all contributed to making this phenomenal product a reality!

If you or someone you know might be interested in distributing this product, please contact us.

Customer Stories: What They're Saying About the Kiran

"The Kiran light has benefited us in several ways: It is portable, has good brightness and prevents us from the harmful effects of kerosene fumes. I also have realized that this purchase has been a good one-time investment, and as there are no costs for recharging, it will be economical over time. We are happy with our purchase as it is a definite improvement over the emergency lights, kerosene lamps and candles previously being used."

Mr. Jawane, Welder

"The Kiran has multiple purposes in our household. I use it while cooking, keep it on while eating dinner, use it while reading the newspaper and carry it if we walk out at night. We find that the white light emitted is soft and calm; therefore, we like to keep it switched on in the Prayer room. The Kiran light is a usable product and has several benefits. The Kiran light is a durable, light weight product. It does not incur recurring costs or require regular maintenance like kerosene lamps do."

Mrs. Kulkarne, Housewife

"I am selling the Kiran light in my shop and I have purchased one for personal use. I think it is a good low cost solar lamp, the main advantage compared to other kerosene alternatives is that it is maintenance-free... It has sparked a lot of interest due to its unmatched features. The brightness is good, it is sturdy and it can be easily hung on the wall, placed on a flat surface and can be used as a directional torch... This lamp is like no other I have seen in the market. It actually contradicts the Marathi saying that 'you will always find a shadow under a lamp,' as the Kiran light spreads light all around without creating any shadows."

Mr. Mane, D.light Dealer

D.light Honored with SVN 2009 Innovation Award

It's been a recognition-filled season for us, and we're excited to announce an additional honor that D.light recently received. The 2009 SVN Innovation Award was given to CEO Sam Goldman and President Ned Tozun by California-based Social Venture Network, the largest peer-to-peer network of socially responsible business and nonprofit leaders in the US. Along with 4 other winners and 2 honorable mentions, Sam and Ned were recognized for their innovation, high impact, and ability to scale.

Award winners will be recognized at SVN's annual conference in La Jolla, California, at the end of October. Visit the SVN website to learn more about their organization and the award.


Field Report: Educating Families in Tanzania on the Importance of Safe Lighting

In Tanzania, a recent school fire has brought national attention to the problem of dangerous lighting solutions currently being utilized. The fire started when students were studying by candlelight under mosquito nets; one of the mosquito nets caught fire, leading to the tragic death of 12 young schoolgirls.

In response, the D.light East Africa office is organizing an education campaign in partnership with Femina HIP, Tanzania's largest social media organization, which reaches 75% of all secondary school students. The education campaign will teach students and their parents about safer lighting alternatives through school visits with local celebrities, articles in Fema Magazine, and television talk shows. We hope that this campaign will help prevent such a tragedy from happening again.