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  October 2010
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d.light design is an international consumer products company delivering quality energy solutions to millions of families living off-grid. Our mission is to enable households without reliable electricity to attain the same quality of life as those with electricity. We will begin by replacing every kerosene lantern with clean, safe and bright light.
d.light Selected as Global Cleantech 100 Winner for Second Consecutive Year

We're excited to share that, for the second consecutive year, d.light has been included in the Global Cleantech 100, a list which recognizes the most promising cleantech companies in the world. Narrowed down from thousands of nominations by industry experts, the top 100 are considered the companies most likely to make the greatest impact on the market in the next 5-10 years.

The list is produced as part of the Global Cleantech 100 program, run by the UK-based Cleantech Group in collaboration with The Guardian and sponsored by Autodesk. Winners are featured in The Guardian and at Cleantech Forums in the US and UK. See the complete Global Cleantech 100 list here.

BBC Selects Solar Light and Mobile Charger as 100th Object in History of the World
100 Objects

On October 14, the BBC revealed that a solar lamp and mobile charger had been selected as the 100th object in their highly successful "A History of the World in 100 Objects" radio series. As the final object, the solar-powered lamp was
selected as an object that reflects the world in 2010 and the big issues confronting today’s global society. While the BBC does not mention d.light by name, they are using none other than the D.LIGHT S200 to exemplify the object. In fact, the S200 is on exhibit in the British Museum now as part of a special exhibit! We are thrilled at this international recognition of the importance of sustainable energy solutions for bottom-of-the-pyramid households in the 21st century! See the unveiling of the S200 as the 100th object here.

D.LIGHT S250 Now Available for Sale in the US through Amazon

The D.LIGHT S250, our second generation premium solar lantern and mobile charger, is now available for sale to customers in the US through Amazon. At the same cost as our previous model, the S250 features enhanced battery performance, increased battery lifetime, and even more environmentally friendly materials. You can own the 100th object today!

The Kiran S10 is also available for sale via Amazon.

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New d.light Fellowships Available: R&D Fellowship (China), Carbon Credits Fellowship (India)


d.light is now accepting applications for an R&D Fellowship in China, and a Carbon Credits Fellowship in India.

The R&D Fellow will play a key role in the early-stage development of d.light's next generation of solar-powered consumer electronics products. Electronic engineers who are creative thinkers are encouraged to apply. The deadline is November 30.

The Carbon Credits Fellow will oversee the implementation of an innovative carbon credits program in India. We seek candidates with complex program management experience and extensive knowledge of carbon markets. The deadline is November 15.

For full descriptions and an application, visit our website.

Customer Story: A Barber in India Sees Increased Business, Thanks to the Kiran

Mr. Bharat Sopan Sapkal owns a village saloon shop in the district of Satara in Maharashtra. He regularly experiences 12-hour power cuts in his village, which would force him to close his shop early at least three days a week.

Mr. Lahu Bajirao Tarade, a d.light rural entrepreneur, saw the challenges that Mr. Sapkal experienced in keeping his saloon open in the evenings without any light. Our rural entrepreneur lent the saloon owner his own Kiran S10 to try for several days. Very soon after, Mr. Sapkal became the proud owner of a Kiran.

He was able to recoup the cost of his Kiran in only 10 days, thanks to the greater number of customers he was able to see every day, and is enjoying a higher income than he previously had. He also enjoys using the Kiran in his home and farm after business hours.

Here's to one more life changed in India!

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